Your Search for a Snack Ends Here


First and foremost, you are looking for a wide range of fresh products to choose from, and Domingue Vending offers an unsurpassed selection of brand‐name items. All the most popular potato chips you love, plus our buyers are constantly looking for new and different options. We bring candy bars to satisfy your sweet tooth, crackers, pastries, nuts and more.

Well‐ stocked vending machines

It's common to suddenly feel a pang of hunger or thirst that doesn't need to be satisfied by a huge meal. If you're headed to class, getting ready to begin a workout or biding time in a hospital waiting room, a vending machine is where you might go to calm your cravings. Look no further for a quick way to quench your hunger. Domingue Vending can set up and stock a vending machine in your business to provide your clients or employees the immediate relief they are looking for. Our snack machines are stocked with fresh product that your customers and employees will appreciate. We will regularly stock your snack machines with a large variety of popular snacks.

Our machines accept dollar bills and coins, and larger accounts can be provided for machines that accept $5 bills or even credit cards.

Contact us at 337-247-1056 to discuss vending options for your work place.

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